This week I am combining a cooler palette of Souffle colors for Fall - think more like in the cool shadows of the trees with ripe berries on the bushes. (Of course, I'm imagining all that, since palm trees and berry bushes aren't seen together too often!) Mixing equal parts of colors can seem pretty obvious, but I'm constantly surprised when I do it at the range of colors created by this process. I referenced shadows above, it does appear like the Souffle Grape created shadow versions of the cornflower and Shamrock. (Robin Egg, a normally strong mixer, got a little overpowered for a shadow color). Now, the sub-palettes:

#1 I feel like this palette drops my core temperature about 10 degrees just looking at it! A great Summer palette that translates to cooler nights as the seasons turn.

#2 Super calming colors, right?

#3 An unlikely combination that really seems to work. The Shamrock adds a pop of brightness to the darker colors without seems to be a warm color.