Well, February was over in a flash! Actually, a splash where I live - historical amounts of rain and snow here in SoCal. This week I'm mixing the Glitter Golds with Souffle Sea Glass, which is one of my favorite mix colors because I never know if it's going to go blue or green. I can make a *guess*, but I'm often surprised. These mixes went exactly like I thought they would ("I meant to do that!") I love the Yellow GG mix for the warm green golds, but I also love the cool frostiness of the White GG mix.

Now for the sub-palettes!

#1 My favorite - classic metallics and mixed metallics are so in right now in home decor!

#2 Cool, kind of beachy, right?

#3 Again, kind of mixing metallics - but this time it's throwing a cool tone in with the two warm tones. Great outdoor living palette!

Next month I'm mixing Souffle colors with 18k gold. And I mix just about every color of Souffle. 18k is my current clay crush - I can silkscreen on it, transfer to it, and mix with it! What's NOT to like?

xoxo, syn

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