These are interesting! Again, you can clearly see what each of the Glitters bring to the table in terms of warm/coolness. I think the Rose GG/Turnip is my favorite! I kinda want that in nail polish..

To the sub-palettes!

#1 Yes! I would totally use this sub palette - especially for jewelry, but I can also envision these colors on a small box.

#2 I dig the coolness of the White GG and the mix and how they are anchored by the warmth of the Turnip! Turnip is becoming the Souffle workhorse for me - I love to mix with it!

#3 Oh man, this just oozes richness...

I just finished next months NCT mixes and I'm continuing the metallic mixes by pitting my precious 18k Gold Premo against almost ALL the Souffle colors. Some cool stuff...

xoxo, syn