Ohhh, I love the greens! Jade has been an underused color in my palettes that has lately risen to the near top (which is permanently occupied by Cinnamon). I love all three of these mixes for their unique color properties - the Rose mix is rich and warm; the Yellow is warm and bright; and the White is icy and cool.

To the sub palettes!

#1 Icy, cool, but the green keeps it verdant and hints at Spring (or is that wishful thinking?)

#2 I love, love all the warm tones here!

#3 This one is interesting - the Jade is actually serving as the "rest" color - the place your eyes go to rest. I like it!

Stay warm and dry! It's been a cold winter, even here in SoCal where my thermometer has been in the low 50s in my studio.

xoxo, syn