I decided I wanted to see just how well the Souffle disburses the glitter in the Premo Accents Glitter Golds since I love how Souffle disburses the mica in the metallics. I started this month with one of my current favorites - Souffle Guava. I got so entranced with the mix I did of Guava and 18K Gold (1G/3-18K) that I had to see what it did with the Glitter Golds. I chose to mix with a larger part of the GG because I just wanted to tint the GG. I think my favorite mix is the White GG withe the Guava.

The sub-palettes:

#1 is my absolute favorite one - it's subtle (which isn't usually my forte) but elegant (ALSO not my forte! lol)

#2 This is a Spring-Summer palette for sure!

#3 I like how the 8YGG/1G mix becomes the anchor of the palette and appears to be less stark than just straight gold.

This is the Guava/18K mix I posted on my social media in January. It's 1G/3-18K

xoxo, syn