Well a new year (new decade!) and a new look for NCT! ANNNNDDD believe it or not, this is an all Premo mix month - I didn't even sneak my beloved Souffle in ONCE!! (Heck, I can hardly believe it. ) Anyway, I had a bar of clay fall from the shelf and it was Spanish Olive. I looooove this color, but here it had languished on my shelf, waiting for my attention, for so long that it took the drastic measure of trying to fall right in my lap. So, of course, I had to take it for a little spin around the color mixing table.

First, I love that whole original palette used together! Ohhh, what great kitchen colors with the Copper used for the fixtures. We can translate that to cover a box with these clay colors, using the copper for accents. Or how about decorating storage containers for a kitchen? I myself, ALWAYS translate to jewelry. That Spanish Olive, Navy Blue with hints of Copper would work for a bracelet for me! (Oh, oh, gonna have to try that..)

Okay, the (fancy new) subpalettes!

#1 A classic combo. Elegant, sophisticated, but the Spanish Olive grounds it with an earthy touch.

#2 Hey! Is anyone seeing echoes of the old Sea Green in that Navy Blue/Spanish Olive mix? Anyway, it's stunning with the Copper and Spanish Olive accent.

#3 This is different and I quite like it. It's like a different take on a Winter palette. The Ecru tempers the clash between the depth of the Navy Blue mix and the Copper.

Well, I think we are off to a good start here in NCT for 2020 - a fancy new look, same wild mixes, and an "every time I think I've mixed it all - another great color pops out" attitude. I love to be surprised when I mix colors.

xoxo, syn