I always love December because I can take a look back through the  NCT color mix page (https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/) and find tons of favorite mixes that I've forgotten about.

dec2016bubbles-both-stamp1july-2015-2aI'm starting this month off with two of my most favorite mixes.  I've used these mixes multiple times in the last couple of months - in fact I recently posted some work I had done using them!  As you can see, I love that sparkly green/blue mix.  I'm declaring it my Color Mix of the Year: premo! Accents Peacock Pearl and premo! Accents White Gold Glitter.  Any combination of those two colors is fabulous, but it's pretty much a 1 part Peacock to 4 parts WGG. Here is the original mixes from last July that I used to create it.  I do have to say that I pretty much love the WGG mixed with any color.

My second favorite color mix is premo! Accents Bronze and Souffle Cinnamon, which I've used in the right side of that first photo.  This was a June mix that has an odd angle on the photo because I was still in a cast for my foot and couldn't stand on it. The 1:1 mix is my favorite mix.  It reminds me of really nice terra cotta. And of course, it's the perfect counterpart to my favorite Sea Breeze (cheepo) craft paint for accent!