The final NCT of 2016!  And I'm typing on a new keyboard that my kids got me that is backlit, so I can see it (I suspect that I could have seen my old keys had I actually cleaned the keyboard).

nctsep1_9nctsep1I'm going to finish with what was my most surprising mix of the year - Souffle Concrete and premo! Accents Yellow Gold Glitter.  I never would have thought that a beautiful, classy mix would have come out of this ungodly mashup! It's an elegant, neutral background to use for surface treatments like I've done with my transfer here.  It's the perfect blend for someone who doesn't like to "mix metals" - if they wear silver, it must be all silver.  What IS this color? silver? grey? pewter? gold?  So it goes with anything!


BTW -I'm very excited that Pantone has seen the light and brought back GREEN.  I've always been a fan of green, but it has been hard to find in home decor in the recent years.  I had to special order my couch in lime green velvet (you know-to go with the 6 ft high red velvet chair) a couple of years ago. The paint guys thought we were a little weird getting green and blue paints for our kitchen recently. (Behr Marquee paint RULES btw). My bedroom has 3 shades of green in it, including one called "Pickle"

pantone-color-2017I'm thinking that premo! Wasabi, mixed with a little of this Souffle Concrete would come really close to a match for this Pantone color.  I *know* that Souffle Bluestone would look fabulous in a palette with this color as well. (again, my kitchen color palette! Yeah, I just realized that)

So break out your greens clayers!

Have a safe and very happy New Year and I'll see you all in 2017!

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xoxo, syn