nctaug1_9Well, we have had two days of Winter here in SoCal, but it's back to sunny and 60s at least.  I asked my son how he could wear shorts when it was so chilly the other day, he looked down and said, "But these are my Winter shorts mom!" I'm personally happy that I spent my bonus points on myself this year and purchased a pool parka.  It was 58 degrees on the deck when I got out of the pool on Monday at noon. My friends that I have swam with  have a (self-imposed) rule that it has to be at least 50 degrees when we get out. We have swam outdoors for about 9 years now in rain, sleet, fog and LOTS of sunshine.

So,how about some blues and purples? It was fun to see exactly what premo! Accents Purple Pearl would do since, to me, it's purple with deep blue highlights. (anyone else see ghost-like images in sheets of Purple Pearl and Peacock Pearl?)

Souffle Sea Glass has long been one of my most favorite colors of Souffle and Robin Egg has definitely come up the list of favorites.  It's a great mixer color and a strong highlight color on its own.  Sea Glass with Premo Bronze is just a gorgeous combo to me. (I would probably mix a little Souffle Cinnamon into the Bronze to brighten it a big too!)

I can't even pick a favorite from these colors, I like them all!, especially the 1:1 mixes!

As always, all the NCT color mixes are posted on our color mix page (  And if you haven’t signed up for the Polymer Clay Adventure 2017 which launches in just a couple of weeks (Jan 1), you can check it out here:



xoxo, syndee