nctapril_3Okay, this was one of the most surprising color mixes I've ever done.  The first three mixes are quite predictable and lovely, but that last mix - who would even THINK that Periwinkle and Ecru would mix to make a grey?  And a lovely grey at that! But that's one of the best parts of doing these mixes - the surprise colors and hues that come from such humble and divergent color mixes. It's what keeps me going adding a little bit of this to a little bit of that...

In fact when I was little, I used to take my giant watercolor set and sit in the patio and mix colors, painting the mix on a paper covered with squares and labeling the color mixes. I don't remember actually painting any pictures with the watercolors, only mixing the colors.  Then when I was a little older, I used to go to Scottsdale on my school breaks to my Uncles house.  He was a painter and sculptor (and lapidary as well! No wonder I went there) who had work in several galleries in downtown Scottsdale.  My job for him was mixing his oil paints - mixing paints to match the palette he had set for his painting.

So it's now surprise that one of my degrees I got at Brooks Institute of Photography (RIP Brooks) was in Color Theory.  In the color printing classes, the guys in my class would always double check their color corrections (called ringarounds) with me.  The large majority of them were pretty consistently about 5 pts green/yellow while one guy was really pretty accurate.  The amazing thing was this guy was completely color blind!  He could only see in shades of grey, but he could see when an object was just slightly off from it's normal grey.  I was always amazed that he could do that.  Then he would have me check his socks to make sure that he had matching socks on!

As always, all the NCT color mixes are posted on our color mix page (  And if you haven't signed up for the Polymer Clay Adventure 2017 which launches in just a couple of weeks (Jan 1), you can check it out here:  There are gift certificates available if you want to drop a (not too) subtle hint to your family!

xoxo, syn