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New Color Tuesday! A Look Back Part V

Color mixing for these New Color Tuesdays have often involved a "forgotten" color in my clay cabinet.  In October of 2014, it was the Premo! Accents Copper color. Now Premo! Accents Bronze for me is like my Black- I use it constantly - straight out of the package, very little mixing. That being said, I'm currently mixing Bronze and Gold 1:1 to create the background for many of my recent pendants. Aaand I've been known to mix a little Premo! Jungle in it to create an almost black metallic.

Oct 4aOk, back to Copper though.  I REALLY had fun mixing it as you can see in this big color layout! I really like that top color that is 4 parts Copper to 1 part Turquoise.  What a perfect compliment to the actual Turquoise color - maybe for a bezel around the Turquoise?  Actually, just about all the 4:1 mixes would make a great bezel for the original color!

Mixing Copper Polymer Clay

Since I realized that Graphite Pearl mixed with the main color makes a great bezel (I get tired of BLACK), I've been experimenting with mixing the metallics with a color contained in the center piece. In fact, I've got 3 centerpieces on my worktable that I was experimenting with mixed bezels before the holidays and the family hit town.  I can't wait to get back to them!
venice13So what are we going to mix next year?  I'm thinking about going back to pulling colors from photos again, since it was so darn fun.  First up, a stylized photo I took in Venice, so we can play with some pastels.

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