Dec 1 3x This one is from December 2014, but is STILL one of my most favorite mixes ever.  That last mix just GLOWS!  And when you texture it, the micas shift from the pressure of the texture gives the impression that there is subtle shading on the piece.  I've not been able to replicate that with any other pearlized color. But then, we all know that Peacock is a very special, unique color!  I don't know about you, but I see images and shadows just on a plain sheet of this color clay!  The next closest to this is Purple Pearl (hmmm, gonna have to mess with that color and mix a little too!)

Several years ago, I would write projects for a British crafting magazine.  They asked me to contribute something to their holiday issue that had a theme of Turquoise, Red and Black.  Yeah, I did the same thing you are doing right now - whaaaaat?  It was a beautiful issue!  It was so long ago, I don't even have the files anymore (floppies), but I will see if I can drag up the original hard copy from my files. Those British editors were characters too - they had Marie Segal and I falling out of our chairs in laughter one night at dinner while at CHA convention.


Tree pendantIn the meantime, here is my favorite holiday necklace. It gets me compliments every time I wear it with just a simple crimson shirt.  Little pieces of green extruded clay strung on a wire with gold glass beads in between - perfect!

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