cabinetI don't know about you guys, but this is a busy time for me!  Not only am I getting ready for the holidays and all my immediate family, but I've just let the housecleaning mushroom into major projects! I woke up one morning and  I decided that I needed to remove an old book shelf in my room that had been there since I was a little girl.  5 boxes of books off to Father Joes, book shelf hardware removed and wall painted. Oh, but now I had room for a small chest of drawers.  TWO days to build the thing from the kit (21 different kinds of fasteners), then of course, I decided to paint it. At least THAT didn't take long, since I had several paint colors already. Some quick mokume gane to cover the drawer pulls and I was in business.

This has led to cleaning out all the closets, various nooks and crannies and now, I'm getting the outside of the house painted.  IT ISN'T SPRING - what's up with this???

NCT Aug 2015 bonusI had decided to do a retrospect of color mixes for this month and look at some of my most favorite and surprising mixes.  First up, a fairly recent one - Opal mixed with the Glitter Golds.  This was a surprise to me that they mixed in a way that showed off BOTH of the colors and their sparkly innards! And these mixes led to this bracelet.bracelet final close smS