OK, yeah, I live in Southern California, so I have a LOT of sunshine in my life, but THIS is about premo! Sunshine..

oct2016-1I mixed Sunshine with premo! Accents Purple Pearl last month and was a little surprised at the colors that developed (man, I still love that 4S/1PP mix).  So I decided to continue to explore what a Sunshine in a clay color's life could do!

So this week, I mixed premo! Sunshine with premo! Wisteria.  Should look a lot like the Purple Pearl mix right?  Well, check out the mixes - I see some greens and a lovely almost mocha color.  In fact, I would use all three of these mixes, especially together for a really classy Spring or Summer motif.

Speaking of which, I'm going to show you some color palettes from all 4 mixes that I will do this year as the last week in November NCT. (Last week?  I can't even wrap my head around the face that it is NOVEMBER already!)

That's what I love about color mixing - for all the charts and formulas - there is still some kind of magic that occurs.  It's kind of like photography-even though I knew on a chemical level what was happening when I developed an enlargement, it still seemed like magic when the image appeared in the developer tray - EVERY TIME for almost 20 years of darkroom work.  Polymer clay is the same way to me after 24 years - it's still magic and I still get excited (anyone who has seen one of my demos or videos or just hung out with me knows that..)

Speaking of photography, I was at an Adobe seminar last weekend that was held in the photo department of a local community college.  Every room had an old enlarger sitting in it.  I couldn't quit staring at them.  I slept next to one for 4 years in school (my bedroom/bathroom was my darkroom) and worked with them for 20 years.  One of the speakers said something about the school didn't know what to do with the "old analog dinosaurs in the back".  I looked back and finally realized he meant the enlargers and I was so offended. Those dinosaurs were my personal friends!  And the guy was definitely old enough to have worked on one "in the day". I can't even smell vinegar without being taken back to the dark, smelly, beloved darkrooms in my mind!

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See you next week!~syndee holt