Yes, I have the best for the last palette! I love ALL these colors together. That basic palette of Cayenne, Wasabi, Turquoise and Orange is one of my favorite bright palettes. And those mixes? Yum!

#1 This is a great end of Summer palette, then add the Cayenne for Fall!

#2 Cayenne really kicks these two mixes up a notch doesn't it?

#3 Oh I love how the Turquoise adds a cooling touch to the other two mixes. My eyes want to bounce to each color and back in a very happy way.

And this month, I created my most favorite finished pieces of the year from my scraps:

The smallest cutters in the Sculpey Irregular cutter sets are perfect for doing polymer clay slab work! Add a little Etch n' Pearl action and you will have some FUN pieces..

xoxo, syn