I decided to throw Sculpey Premo™ Orange a curveball this week (well, technically 3 curveballs) by mixing it with some of the Sculpey Premo™ metallic and glitter clays. I have to say, Orange held its own! I really like that Galaxy/Orange green mix and the Graphite/Orange is a really rich antique brass color.

#1 Okay, I would love a coat with these colors in it. Ohhh, yarn to knit with - YES... and then I could make polymer clay buttons to match!

#2 This is a different take on a neutral palette that I quite like. The Orange color makes the normally stern Graphite color seem a little more playful (but it is still my darling of my grunge palette!)

#3 Oh yes, another great Fall palette! I've got to make SOMETHING in those colors, just to snuggle with. I can hug my necklace right?

xoxo, syn