Feb 3I was going to put this with last weeks Premo! Cad Yellow/Fuchsia mixes, but I thought it would be a lot to look at.  So I decided to present these beautiful colors in their own week. I've added Ecru to the mix this week.  As I've discovered, Ecru doesn't just soften a color mix out, it effects the density of the color as well.  For instance, look at the two mixes just to the left of the last mix.  They are both 4CY/1F, but by changing the amount of the Ecru in the mix, the density of the color changed significantly.  I know this is shocking, but I also like those two pink colors on the far left (I may need to go to color rehab because I've abhorred pinks since birth.  It's a redhead thing) . The bottom color has a little Raw Sienna (RS) mixed into it as an echo of the Moroccan colors. I am now very intrigued by mixing the Ecru into colors to see what changes it causes,since it's not quite the passive color I thought it was!  Next week some very pretty blues (and possibly a Periwinkle), as well as the final color chart for the photo I selected to match below.Feb 1 photosm1

I know that the New Color Tuesdays (NCTs) are in the multitudes now, which is why we have a special page of just the mix photos for you (none of my yammering text to distract you). They live on their own page at:  https://www.sculpey.com/wp/project/mixing-colors/

And don’t miss out on the biggest polymer clay event of this year – the Polymer Clay Adventure – a year long virtual retreat with 22 instructors.  There are videos and PDFs that you can watch at your leisure.  Go at your own pace, we are only two classes into the year, including my bracelet tutorial, which launched the program for this year!  Read more about it at http://bit.ly/PCAsyndeeholt2015

And by the way, I did get my studio cleaned from last week!  It's so fun to have a clean workspace.  My drawers are all labeled so that I can't lose anything by putting it in the wrong place.  If you haven't invested in a label maker, put it on your list.  Once the drawer is labeled, there is no more pulling open each drawer to see if it's the right one. And  I've integrated my new camera into the work now too.  My older tripod was too light to use with the heavier camera/lens combination of this new beast.  So when I shoot my videos I'm using my gigantic old Majestic tripod from my 4x5 camera days.  I bought it used when I started at Brooks in 1973, so it's an antique for sure.  But it was nice that my hands remembered what knobs to turn without looking and certainly brought back memories.  So ANYWAY, the lighter tripod is still stable enough for short extension, so it now lives on my work table and I can quick mount the camera.  I have an infrared wireless shutter release for it (about 20 bucks and well worth it!).  The release works off of the self timer, so once I click the remote, I have 10 seconds to position my hands.  Since the camera has a screen that flips around so I can see it, it all works perfectly.  You will finally see shots of BOTH of my hands in the tutorials now!  LOL  (The remote is hanging off the camera there on the strap.  And yes, I've spilled Bake n' Bond AGAIN..)camera