AUG2017-1aI got so fascinated with premo! Sculpey Accents Copper that I had to carry it over into August as well - starting with one of my other favorite Accent colors, Peacock Pearl!  I always say that I see things in a sheet of Peacock Pearl in the way the mica shifts through the clay and swirls through areas of darker green and blue..

I anticipated getting some greens by mixing these colors because the Peacock Pearl usually shifts to a green for me in mixes, but these colors are all absolutely lovely.  I could bathe in those last mixes of green.  ALL these colors are a redheads dream-come-true palette!

This month I'm adding one more color into the last mix or two, just to give us a surprise. Actually, it's to help you anticipate when is a good time to introduce another color to move your mixes into the tones you were looking for.  In this case, I introduced premo! Sculpey Accents 18K Gold to brighten the mixes and look at how those greens popped!  I'm kind of getting a  retro mid-century 50s/60s vibe from those last two greens and OF COURSE, I love that!

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xoxo, syndee