Okay, technically *slightly* bigger news LOL. Next year I am going to drop the 3 sub-palettes and make the main photo bigger so it will be easier to see it on our smaller appliances, like our phones.

AAAND I've given myself the new challenge of trying to create 3 variations of a color with 3 very different mixing colors. I've created 3 very different neutrals above mixed with Soufflé Cinnamon. I think creating interesting neutrals can be a challenge and I love all 3 of these mixed neutrals. I even would like them together in ONE project!

Or how about 3 colors in the red range? Shoot, I even like that shot of Grape in the palette for a little zip!

So, check in January to see the first set of mixes!

But FIRST don't forget that December is when I pick my 4 favorite mix weeks from the entire year...my surprises, my color crushes, my go-to standards that I can't live without.

xoxo, syn