I bet you can see why I included this mix from June. Yes, I love that deep bronze color that the Bronze/Shamrock combo created. I kind of shocked me when I saw it start blending to that color in the pasta machine. But I was also surprised that Cornflower and Shamrock darn near replicates Souffle Sea Glass. Maybe a tad less Shamrock..

#1 I like this combo. Cool, Cooler and a blast of warmth from the Bronze.

#2 I can see these colors on a box or a vessel for sure!

#3 This is a big deep breath of cool and calm to me. Most of us do NOT need the cool aspect right now, but we sure can use the CALM!!!!

I'm excited to show you a new look for the NCT in 2020 - same main mix and sub mixes, but a fresh background.

xoxo, syn