Happy Holidays to you all!

I'm speechless that it's the LAST NCT of the year - where did the time fly by?  For me, a lot of time was flying by while I was gleefully making a mess at my clay table.  A lot of time was spent traveling from one retreat to the next, from class to class.  The polymer clay world is such a wonderful group of people-I can honestly say that I have never had a negative experience.

The final palette is from August and it's all Premo Accent Metallics.  I'm starting with one of my most favorite clay colors, Accent Bronze and it has one of my most favorite metallic sub-palettes ever - #2.  I"m fascinated by that Peacock Pearl/Bronze mix - it's not quite a grey and not quite a purple, but something in between.  Ohh, mix a little Silver or Pearl in it and I bet it would be a great background for a industrial type transfer.  I'm going to have to try that one!

And of course, I love the Bronze/Bright Green Pearl mix - it looks like Bronze from the Greeks or Romans.

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Enjoy the rest of your holidays and be safe!

xoxo, syn