YES, Premo Accents 18K Gold is my current Color Crush! Especially when I mix it with Souffle - any Souffle. I love to see how the Souffle disperses the mica throughout the mixes. This month I'm going to mix with colors kind of in groups. This week it's the natural tones (of Fall maybe?). I love the rich golden color of the Cinnamon/18k mix and the unusual neutral color of the Bluestone/18k mix. BUT, I also like the deeper gold of the Cowboy/18k. Right - I guess I like them all! To the sub palettes:

#1 - Classy/clean. Wear with jeans or a killer black dress.

#2 Calming, right? Great colors for a kitchen or bathroom. Maybe switchcovers? Would look wonderful with grey. I've got a lot of grey shirts now, I better whip these colors up!

#3 - That time of day when the sun takes on that golden warm tone. I love these colors!

xoxo, syn