I'm thrifty --- well I will just say it I'M CHEAP and proud of it !!!
Heck I used to use tea bags twice! (there are the expensive ones to defend myself)
That is one of the reasons why I LOVE polymer clay so much. There is little to nothing wasted.
Some of my favorite pieces came from scraps of other projects.
Like this bracelet
z Bracelet-blank-front-CU-Com

You never know what you will get when you combined pieces of scrap clay.
You can make what Julie Picarello has called "lizard tails"
If you don't have Julie's book it is a fun must have called Patterns in Polymer
Julie also gives great Premo color recipes in her book.
Here is her Flickr page to see here beautiful work.

The bracelet that I made here was quick and easy since I used the Scupley Bracelet blank
With the bracelet blank I get the perfect shape and size for a cuff bracelet
I first added a base of black Premo and then rolled a thin sheet of my scrap clay
to cover the black. This was trimmed down to the width of the blank so the layers of color would show.

After baking the clay as directed you can remove the bracelet blank from the clay while it is still a little warm.
You can always use a thin craft blade to "gently" break a seal to pry it loose.
With scrap clay you get amazing one of a kind results.
No waste MORE FUN !
You can see some of MY fun here !