I was goofing around yesterday (you know, instead of ACTUALLY doing the thing I was SUPPOSED to do) and I found that I needed to match a bronze Lumiere paint in a scrap piece I was playing with.  (Hey, the commissioned piece was actually drying before baking).

bronzeRegular premo! Accents Gold was just too bright, so I decided to  mix a bronze color and now it's one of my favorites. I knew it would involve Gold, Bronze and probably a dash of Graphite to tone down the color.   As you can see, it's 8 parts Gold, 6 parts Bronze and 1 part of Graphite (the mix is on the upper left - a full circle counts as 4 parts).  The actual mix sits next to the components so you can see how much it's changed from the full Gold.   The bottom row is the mix baked - the center piece has been brushed with a little of the Lumiere Bronze to see the match (I actually liked the brushed look too!), while the heart shape is just the bronze color.  And you can see the actual backing piece on the bottom left.

I've got a sore shoulder right now (not 1, but 2 tears in it) so I'm getting my clay fix by working in little bits, but since my pasta machine is motorized, I can sit and mix colors!

xoxo, syn