In my last blog post I showed the main tools I use to make and create my miniature world. Today you will be given a tour around my studio/workshop where all the magic is created.


LittlestSweetShop Studio







I share the space with my walk-in wardrobe which is located on the other side of the room (we won't be seeing that today). It's still a decent space for me to organize everything into place so that it doesn't look like a typical craft workshop.

On one end is a day bed and next to it is my work desk. The 1/6 scale dollhouse takes up the space between my desk and the bookcase. It does not take much floor space and I have enough space behind the dollhouse and enough natural sunlight to arrange scenes for photographs. Beside the bookcase is actually the entrance to an airing cupboard which I use to keep big tools (vacuum forming, sewing machine) and other materials such as modelling wood and plastic, extra miniature furniture and more. It is great to be able to hide more bulky items related to the hobby and I have easy access to it any time.











My work desk is small but if you make miniatures you do not need so much space to model. It forces me to tidy while I work otherwise it can get cluttered so quickly.

View from window








My home is surrounded by farming fields and I often get to see beautiful views that would stretch out for miles just from the window where I work.

I would also put some crafting bits and pieces and the tiles on the window sill although I'm trying to tidy that a bit more.


Work desk close-up







My desk is just an ordinary IKEA furniture with an oil-cloth cover from Cath Kidston. The oil cloth will get a bit tattered and stains throughout the years but I can easily replace it and keep the desk itself in good condition.

I keep some of the tools in the wooden boxes and the Sculpey clay conditioning machine stands permanently on the right hand-side.









This is where the Littlest Sweet Shop diorama is kept. It houses all of the other displays I use and most of the miniatures that I have made.

Some of my favorite miniature collection also sits up on the shelf next to the diorama. Just remember to get a display case that can block UV rays so your miniatures don't degrade.


Book Case findings






Other tools and books are kept in this bookcase along with my stationary sets, clay, more miniatures and other crafting tools.









I love getting novelty tin containers to keep my tools and materials. They just look so much cuter than normal storage and definitely not as boring!

Most of my reference books sits on the bottom shelf with a miniature school desk and locker!










I'm sure by now you are wondering how did I manage to 'hide' most of my claying tools and materials.

At the end of the day bed is this blue ottoman which is like a big chest that looks like a big footstool. Inside it is where I hide most of my polymer clay supply, air dry clay, liquid clay, paper construction materials, resin and more!

I hope you enjoyed that tour of my studio. Being surrounded by things that I love inspires me to create more unique miniatures for Littlest Sweet Shop.