I am probably the biggest fan of Souffle out there! (and you probably already gathered that from all my posts..LOL) It wasn't always that way....

Part of what I do for Sculpey is create projects with the new products and items for the packaging photos.  I also like to say that it's my job to try to break the new product  - test it's limits. I challenge the clay in my best investigative reporter voice,  "But can you do THIS??? What happens when I add this? Or bend this? How do you feel about paints, powders and stuff?" And YES, I do talk to my clay - and beg it, cajole it, plead it, and yell at it, pet it and smile a LOT at it. Kind of like my pets (and kids) - and I talk to them as well.

I wish I had a photo of my face (or one of those unboxing videos)  when I got the first test batches of Souffle.  I was pulling ziplock bags of unextruded lumps of clay out and I'm sure my face looked like I had eaten something sour.  I do remember asking my dog under the desk, "What ARE these colors?!?" Then I felt it, which prompted a most suspicious look at the dog, "I don't know about this stuff..".

[caption id="attachment_39268" align="alignleft" width="400"] I picked 3 of the most unlikely colors to create my first Mokume Gane.[/caption]

But I launched into my list of RFPs from the company and each project I did was a complete surprise to me. The conversation with the dog (and the clay) shifted to, "Hey, I LOVE the surface look/feel of this when it's baked. This is a cool color combo."  I quickly discovered that the unusual colors of Souffle were designed to both look like a custom color right out of the package as well as to all work together, or "play well together" as I put it!  Another thing I discovered with that first pendant was that, due to the suede-like feel of the clay, it REALLY played well with tools and stamps like the Etch n' Pearls.

When I create my first Mokume Gane with the clay, I picked 3 of the most unlikely colors for the stack. If you have never sliced a Souffle Mokume Gane stack, you haven't lived a proper clay life! There is almost no drag in this clay and every blade feels like a new blade sliding through Souffle!  The colors and patterns remain crisp and clear.  I was just about sold on this new stuff...

I knew from the suede-like surface feel that it had a "tooth" to it that would take inks, chalks, paints - everything well. But I thought it wouldn't take my beloved transfers too well because of that same surface. You know, the texture might create a blurry look to the transfer or the ink wouldn't transfer consistently to the surface. Well, the first transfer I did - I could see the pixels in the image! I was shocked, then excited, then scurrying for more transfers..

The more I tried to "break" Soufflé, the more I fell in love with it.  It IS my go-to at the clay table (unless I need a metallic)!  xoxo, syn

[caption id="attachment_39270" align="alignleft" width="300"] This is my first transfer to Soufflé. It's a texture from Photoshop and you can actually see the pixels in the pattern! This little box has traveled the world with me for 5 years and that transfer is still perfect.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_39266" align="alignleft" width="300"] I did a quick Natasha bead with the scrap from the Retro Pendant - look how those colors pop against each other![/caption] [caption id="attachment_39265" align="alignright" width="391"] With this first pendant, I realized that the colors were designed to work together and that the clay "played well" with tools.[/caption]