In my first blog I talked about my beginning adventures with Liquid Clay (LS), including how I once "lost" it in my oven. Ohhh, and then Liquid Sculpey really got exciting (and easy!) when we discovered silicone molds!

I made several pendants for my friends using just the seahorse and coral combination!

First I want to point out something - a matte mold will make a matte finish on your cured LS. A shiny mold (like some of the candy molds) will make a shiny finish on the cured LS.

When Sculpey came out with their molds the fun really began. The Sea Life mold was a favorite of mine, since I live at the beach. I created these napkin rings for Sculpey. I had noticed these channeled metal rings at Bed, Bath and Beyond and *knew* that they were perfect for this project!

And the lace molds? Oh my! They are so much fun to make and use. I tried an experiment and it worked - if you add the Sculpey Liquid Clay Softener to the LS before you fill the mold, the lace will be really flexible! Flexible enough to create a hat band that features the face from the Sculpey Whimsey Silicone mold.

The face is created with Premo Accents Copper clay and I added wire and beads for the hair.

The Sea Life mold is a favorite of mine since I live at the beach. In complex molds like this, I also add the Liquid Softener to the LS and then use a toothpick to help guide the LS into the intricate parts of the mold. I'm experimenting with smaller, simpler profiles and I love the look that the new Greige Granite LS (coming soon!) gives these pieces!

Of course, we have our trusty cabochon and bezel molds that I have a multitude of tricks for. My newest trick is to use the Greige Granite for the bezel on some of my, ummm, busier, cabs. What a perfect neutral finish!

Guess what else you can do with LS? You can paint it on the surface of a sheet of regular clay and let it sit (at least) overnight and the LS will absorb into the sheeted clay! If you use a metallic LS, you have the metallic sheen left on the sheet of clay! Now you can silkscreen, transfer, stamp - everything you can do with a regular sheet of unbaked clay. NOTE: the Layer Set sheets are really nice and pliable, even after weeks of sitting out!

This is the silkscreened piece from above that is Poppy Seed Souffle with Gold LS Layer Set on it, then a black paint silkscreen. Notice how I've used LS Lace scraps for the back!

This striped bracelet is NCT color scraps twisted to make stripes, then layer set with Gold LS and, finally, one of my scribble transfers on top. It's sealed with Clear LS glossed with a heat gun. The two other bracelets are Souffle clay.

Premo Grey Granite and Souffle Poppy Seed that is screened with Bronze LS!

So then one day, I get a request for project from Sculpey for a pair of silkscreen earrings - something simple and subtle. Easy Peezy even for me - although that simple and subtle might be tough for me. Then when I read it again, it said "silkscreen with LS". I was like, "Oh, THAT'S a typo!" even as I, once again, was gathering the screens and LS. Well, it turns out that you can not only silkscreen with LS - I actually kind of prefer it to using paint! The screens do not dry quickly like paint does, so you can continue to use the screen, as long as you use the same color LS (or mix with the existing for fun stuff). The screens clean easily with a baby wipe and a little extra hand sanitizer and are almost instantly ready to use again - very little drying time.

But you know me, I have to go "But WAIT!" What if I add my Salt Wash to the LS like I've done for texture before - but SILKSCREEN with it! Will I get raised silkscreens? Short answer - YES INDEEDY! (Salt Wash is the commercial product name for a fine calcium carbonate mix used to create chalk paints and textured paints)

Now we already know that LS will dry to touch on raw clay, so all I had to do was let these set overnight and I could cut and manipulate the sheets like a silkscreen with dried paint.

How fun to add textural dimension to our silkscreens! This is Souffle Cinnamon with White LS (Salt Wash added to create soft stiff peaks)

Oh! The original earrings? I like the soft colors and textures for sure! These are the ones I kept....and I have a tatooed ear so I don't even wear earrings, but I WANTED these!

Okay, I hope you have enjoyed my little LS Journey story! xoxo, syn