7-13-1 Littlest Sweet Shop is a world that I have created to showcase my miniature work. I wanted to have something that would stand out in the sea of other talented miniature artists so I made a sweet shop diorama to display my work and brought it to life.
In order to create something that was truly original, I drew inspiration from the things I love. Inspiration is personal and unique to a person.
7-13-2The Countryside:
I am a big fan of nature and the English rural countryside where I live. When I am out cycling I would take photos of the sky, the fields, lakes, ponds, trees and flowers. Nature has the best colour palette that brings so much joy and peace to your mind. This is often my main inspiration when I am making miniatures for Easter and spring time. It also keeps my stress low since I get a view of the fields from the window where I work.
7-13-3Anime and manga:
I wanted Littlest Sweet Shop to look like a scene taken out from a Japanese comic (manga) or a Japanese cartoon (anime). I grew up reading a lot of manga and I was always keen on the artwork. It's amazing how manga can evoke so much emotions and feelings through their drawings and story-telling. The drawings had attention to detail which inspired me to meticulously create miniatures to look real. I work on a strict quality control since every single miniature has to be picture perfect!
7-13-4Traditional English Sweet Shops:
​In this modern age, we are still lucky to have traditional sweet shops in most English cities and towns (this photo was taken in Cambridge). I love seeing the colourful candy and sweets stored in Victorian glass jars and the rainbow of colours on their window display. This scene can make you feel happy and nostalgic. Don't be surprised if you even see adults drooling over the confectionery.
I was always obsessed with candy, even if my earliest memory of a sweet shop was just a pick'n mix at the mall. I had dreams about opening my own sweet shop and that dream came true!
Polymer clay is truly amazing since it lets you express your creativity and make all the things you love. There is no limit to what you can do as long as you have something that can inspire your imagination.