Hello Polypals!


Well I'm back for my last Tri-Tip Tuesday blog and I'm excited about today's three tips! By the way, I never did get to eat any delicious tri-tip this month, maybe next month! My hubby makes the best BBQ tri-tip. So, now that you are hungry, this first tip/technique is sure to feed your creative appetite!

Creative Texturing Techniques

It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words as you can see. This image of texturing steps really needs no explanation, although I can tell you that an old manicure set of tools were used, and the artist Galina Grebennikova mentions that no cirlce cutter was used. She just used her slicing blade to push the textured piece back into a circle from the side edges (step 14). A great example of using "found objects". 


For my second entry, I found something brand new for me! Well sort of. I have used kitchen plastic wrap (such as Saran Wrap) secured tightly over clay, to press small cutters into for a beautiful domed finish on the shape edges, but it had never crossed my mind to use it as a barrier when smoothing clay pieces while finishing. This tip came from Doraclay1 (didn't see her exact real name anywhere). It is hard to see the clear wrap in the photo, as it's clear, but it it stretched quite taught around the clay surface and edges as you don't want any wrinkles in it. This photo is the final one of a fabulous millefiori "Zentangle" tutorial she offers for free at: http://www.scribd.com/doraclay1 She shows how to create simple black and white millefiori designs, that are cut and placed on a scored black clay square, in sections, just like ink Zentangles. 


And last but not least...a very clever tip from Claire Bircher. An easy way to dry your beads is by placing binder clips at either end secured to the piercing pin!


I hope you have enjoyed reading my Tri-Tip Tuesday blog entries as much as I enjoyed scouring the web for them!


Have fun looking around your house for found objects that may lead you to discover a way to use what you have with your polymer clay. Then share it, it's a great feeling!