By: Anke Humpert

My favorite technique in polymer clay is a very simple one. I learned it from Donna Kato and I have used it ever since. It´s easy to make but very versatile. And you don’t need a lot of tools: You need at least two colors of clay, but you can use more if you want to. I will use three different pinks to make a cherry blossom pattern.

Condition and roll all your clay out on the thickest setting of your pasta machine.

You will need some cookie cutters a piece of deli or parchment paper, a bone folder or other burnishing tool.

Choose your background color. I will be using my lightest pink as my back ground color. Cut out a number of shapes (you can use just one or more!) to make a pattern. Keep the cut out pieces!

Also cut out the same shapes of your other colors and have them ready.

Now exchange the cut out pieces with pieces of the same shape, but a different color to fill your sheet of clay again. You could stop here and join the clay, but I will show you one more optional step:

Cut out more pieces with your cookie cutters within the first inserted colors to make more complex patterns. You can also overlap the shapes ( I have not done that in my pattern, but you can try that too!) And fill the cut our pieces with other pieces in new colors. You will have one or more shapes within shapes and with that you can get pretty complex patterns.

When you are happy with how your pattern looks, place it on your deli paper and cover it on top as well. Use your bone folder (or other burnishing tool) to gently rub the clay in circular motions until all the cuts in the clay have connected and you have one solid sheet of a patterned veneer.

You can use that veneer for all kinds of projects and it is very versatile, depending on which colors you use and what kind of cookie cutters you combine. The possibilities are endless! Have you tried that technique already?