cutter bracelets final all vertical I decided last weekend to do another study like I did with the cutter bracelets last year. The way I do my challenges is to decide on a creation type - bracelet or pendant, etc. and then nominate the tools that can be used in all the projects.  This time I also limited myself to the colors of clay on my table at the time.  I had a special challenge in that I only had 7 fingers available for use due to the cast on my left wrist.  Of course, the  morning after I broke the wrist, I ordered the pasta machine/motor/foot controller, so I was set on sheets of clay. (What does it say that I didn't order the waterproof cover for my cast until 3 days later?  PRIORITIES!).  I selected cutters, Etch n' Pearls and Style, Detail tools and (of course) the Hollow Bead Maker as the tools for the study (and the ones I could use easily).  I also had a neat piece of plastic texture that I got in my goodie bag at the Prescott Retreat. I used a combination of Premo! Accents Gold and the Sculpey Souffle colors that were on my table already.

When I photographed them all together so that I could add arrows to show the progression path.  It surprised me that the path closed itself at the end to create a circle.  Enough blathering, lets see the map!

I started with the gold rounded piece on the upper left.  I moved the design along to the right, creating the design both in a flat method and using the Hollow Bead Maker to create a more 3D effect..  Then while the last of those designs were baking, I decided to focus on the Etch n' Pearl texture and explore this texture.  As I mentioned above, I was surprised to see that when I added the arrows to the map,  that it closes at the end when I  combined the shape from the top line with the Etch n' Pearl pattern from the bottom line! So here is my little creative map:

brain 1 w arrowsbrain 2brain 3