Soooo, what do you say to the former in-laws when you've painted the hand-made Japanese dining table they gave you?

My former father-in-law made this table for my boys and I decided one day that the dark wood just didn't fit with the Rabbit Hole.  So, I painted it free hand with primary colors and added the black and white checked border around the edges.  My neighbor owns a glass company and he fixed me up with a glass top.  Actually, my mother-in-law (who is an exceptional Japanese style painter) loved it.


That is a leg lamp from the Christmas Story.  My nephew worked a summer with a friend who owns the company that produces the lamps (actually my brother went to the Naval Academy with his father).  I mentioned that their website photos were kinda iffy, so I rephotographed all the stock for them.  This was my payment.... to remain forever in the front window too!


The white wicker furniture in the "sun room" is rescued from the Hotel Del Coronado surplus.  I'm betting I'm about the only person who can rock red with green polka dots pillows all year long!

The bike lives in the house because when you live at the beach and you don't want it to rust, you have to keep it in the house.


My oldest son, while home for the holidays, infamously came into my office one morning and said, "Mom, would you join me in the sun room for breakfast?" So I jumped up all happy and went out the chairs where he was just sitting down.  As I started to sit down, he looked at me a little confused and said, "But first, you have to MAKE the breakfast mom!"  I should have known...he's not the chef...that's his younger brother!


Anyway, this is where I often shoot the Sculpey videos when I'm not shooting out on my deck.  Oh, my nice neighbor brought me that bottle of wine!