My friend Jen buys jewelry that features owls.  It's like a free pass - she's got to have it.  Sort of like when kids want you to buy them a book - you can't say no.  so I decided I was going to try to figure out an owl for her for Christmas.  Since I'm still obsessed with cabochons, I started with one for the body (yet another of Penni Jo Couch's molds).  I can't sculpt, so I got out my boxes of metal findings from my new handy dandy storage unit.  I was originally thinking of using gear to create a steampunk owl.  I didn't have matching gears in the sizes I needed, but I did have tons and tons of jump rings in all colors and sizes.  I hit two trends at once - owls and steampunk. And I was so excited that I already gave Jen her owl - it's that free pass thing!!

So meet my little friend:

Premo Black for the body

Premo Accent Copper for the eyes

Premo Accent Antique gold for the beak and brows

Press the jumprings firmly into the clay and bake!

When I was at Michaels yesterday (buying more jump rings) I noticed that they have wildly colored jump rings now.  Anyone feeling a parrot?