I got a bit of Christmas shopping done yesterday.  My husband has three nieces who are grade-school/middle-school ages.  I don't know what toys they like, but I feel safe buying them clothes.  So I picked out tops or sweaters for each of them, then brought them into the studio for a little personalizing!

All the girls have long blonde hair, and only the oldest has pierced ears, so I decided on hair accessories.

Here's my results:

This is a teal colored knit top for a 6 year old.  Since her hair is very fine, I went with the snap clip hair pins and added some embellishment.  This is Peacock Pearl Premo with a bit of duo blue-green mica powder on top of the texture.  I added a thinner, smaller oval over the back side and then pulled the clips out after baking and glued them in place with superglue.  I made clips like these when my daughter was small.  The trick is to keep the design small and not extend too far toward the middle where the clip needs to bend.

Next comes the design for a 10 year old:

This girl has long hair as well but she can handle a little more styling.  I picked a printed hoodie sweatshirt for her and paired it with this French clip barrette.  The patterns are simple canes put together in a complex cane.  Good use for leftover cane pieces!

Finally, the 14 year old:

This gal and my daughter are both in 8th grade.  As cousins, they are pretty close too.  For her, I picked a sweater in her school's colors.  I put that together with an embellished hair band.

I found that the rubber hair bands loose all their elastic recovery if they are baked.  So they must be made in stages and put together at the end.  I make these by baking the design layer against an empty pop can to establish the curve.  After baking and cooling, I brush the inside layer with a little oil.  The inside layer is a smaller oval with a channel pressed into it horizontally (where the hair band will go) and pressed with the channel toward the back of the design layer..  Bake them together and when they're cool, they should come apart easily.  Arrange the rubber band down the channel and glue the pieces together, making sure the band still slides back and forth.  Voila!!

I just love to make my gifts just a little more personal with this type of coordination and crafting!

Merry Holiday Crafting to all!