I'd like to talk a bit about "Surface Techniques" which I like to experiment with in my claywork. I truly believe they are endless and there are many mediums yet to be tried on polymer clay!

One of my favorite surface looks for polymer clay is simply the use of paints and pastes. The best example I personally enjoy, is the soft look of Doreen Kassell's work. Shown here are a group of her "Maestros" before they have been painted.


And here is an example of the magic she creates using paints. They really make her work come to life!

No matter if Doreen uses bright vibrant colors or light pastels, her wokr always has a softnes and calm feeling to it.


Helen Breil's free Video Tutorial on "Folded Beads Part 1" with a beautiful surface technique shown in Part 2 and 3 (ONE VIDEO) teach you how to create "Patterned Surface Effects" using guilders paste and Viva Inka Gold.


And last, but "surely" not least is my personal favorite surface technique...soft pastel chalks. I've been experimenting with these little chalk sticks since 2004. One of my first technique discoveries was the use of the chalks on baked liquid clay. I did a TV demo soon after on the AM Northwest Morning Show in April of 2004 called "Gel Art", teaching how to make 2 dimensional accents for scrapbook pages and later journals and cards. Then in 2007 I began selling a tutorial series called "Embellishments" mostly for papercrafts. It consisted of 7 tutorials, one of which was of course called "Gel Art". This photo shows two differnt looks of my technique.

There are so many types of surface treatments I could go on and on, so I will confine today's blog to just the three above. Try using mediums you may have in your craft stash already. If you are not sure if it is compatible with polymer clay, do an online search and I am pretty confident someone has information on your idea!

Happy Claying,