Have you ever had that kind of obsession that follows you everywhere ? Something that goes farther than your creations. Something that stays in your mind wherever you are, whatever you do. Like a lullaby you can’t stop whistling?

I’ve had that THING for decades. Since I was a child discovering the world. I have always been attracted to Art, and what the mind is able to create from what you see to what you feel.

And I have this particular THING, that I can see, or, to be exact, I can’t see. You know it is real, it’s material, sometimes palpable, sometimes not. It is Transparency. Or everything you can see through, everything clear.

For me it is unbelievable to imagine how crazy it is for a material like this to exist, even if you can’t see it.

Glass, Air, Water, ice, crystals, even some animals and plants.

That obsession keeps me awake and creative every day for so many reasons.

Transparency questions many things like color, depth and the most important, LIGHT !  And how it plays in the material.

Transparency in Clay Creations

How I use it in my art? First, I tried to reproduce the beauty of clear creatures and minerals.

Like Crystals. I tried Amethysts, agates, quartz, opals… So many things to do. I achieved beautiful effects by using translucent clay (one of my favorite is premo White Translucent) mixed with ink, powder or glitter. Well sanded and buffed after cured, this translucent clay reveals all it’s power. You can have very shiny and deep colors.

Then, Jellyfishes. What a mysterious and intriguing creature. Not just about transparency. Their movement is also a challenge, when you think « polymer clay ». An infinity of possibilities : colors, shapes…

But not all my creations let me work with light and transparency. So I had to find a trick to get amazed with my more traditional art pieces.  « sand and buff your pieces, Marion » Well… No… It’s pretty but I hate it. So I decided to glaze my pieces with -not a varnish – epoxy resin poured on top. And what a glossy finish. It’s perfectly flat, with round edges, clear like water. I found it. My favorite finish.

I can’t finish my article without talking about the ultimate transparency polymer clay artist. Kathrin Neumaier. She brings it into pure art. So if you don’t know her work, take a look and get ready to be amazed.

I hope you liked my very first post. And you, are you a transparency lover ?

Kisses form France