You never know what you can make of it!
I wanted to discuss all the possibilities of Sculpey Polymer clay.
As I was doing the rough draft for this I realized I was channeling
Bubba from Forrest Gump.

You got your Mokume Gane polymer clay
You got your Millefioro cane polymer clay
You got your Faux polymer clay
You got your molded polymer clay
You got your mica shift polymer clay
You of course have your sculpted polymer clay
You got your Mixed media polymer clay ………..

Those are just scratching the surface of all the ways you can use polymer clay!
Oooh yeah you got your scratching technique as well !!!
I’m just beginning to search for which technique speaks to me the best.
I’m in my SOAR and EXPLORE mode right now.
Here are some of my hot air balloons to take me on my creative journey!
You can see all my explorations on my flickr page
And you can also see that I LOVE OWLS

PicMonkey Airships fade 1-14 Compelled Craft

These balloons were made by covering a little round light bulb with polymer clay
I CAN make stuff with the light bulbs now that I no longer need them rolling around my craft table thanks to the BRILLIANT new hollow bead maker.
This was slap myself on my forehead brilliant!


From my hot air balloon I have a great overview of all things polymer clay.
I can see all the clever and great ways people have used polymer clay.
My hubby asked “what is you run out of ideas? “ HAHAHAHA
I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

One reason I know I will NEVER run out of ideas is a book that Santa left under my tree this past Christmas:
Marie Segal’s The Polymer Clay Artist’s Guide
This is a MUST Have book!
Marie lists sooo many techniques and effects you can NEVER have a dry spell after you are inspired by the pages in this book!
I even love to bring this book on long car trips and just thumb through it.
My copy of Marie Segal’s book has so many pages marked with sticky tabs for future projects I don’t see a dry spell in my future.

As Forrest always said
“That’s all I have to say about that “