sherri1One of my favorite new Sculpey  products are the Landscape Texture Sheets. You get 2 texture sheets in a pack,  one has 6 mini textures, the other is an all-over floral pattern.  I've found that it's an easy way to add designs to my clay ring dishes.  The sheets are transparent, so it makes it simple to line up the patterns.  For the underside of the dishes, I use a bit of both texture sheets, to create my own unique look.  The best part is painting the dishes, I enjoy painting, so it's great when I can combine it with my love of polymer clay. I use pearl acrylic craft paints.  It's fun experimenting with new color combinations too!


sherri3On the base of the dish I used the same floral texture, but turning the texture sheet a half turn after the first print, and making a double print.  Then I gave it a wash of color with a celery green acrylic paint.  I finished it by adding touches of gold with a fine tipped brush.  I seal the dishes with a coat of Sculpey glaze.