November and December always find me knitting.  I have a long tradition of making a hand-knit sweater for my husband for Christmas.  I've been doing this for almost 20 years.  The sweaters are almost all original designs, and depending on my timeliness, sometimes they are vests!

The past two weekends marked the end of the soccer season for my kids.  My daughter and I attended an out-of-twon tournament two weeks ago.  This past weekend, it was my husband and sons' turn to go.  So my 12-year old daughter and I had a girls' weekend.  She wanted to learn to crochet.  I also have a good friend who's been asking me for instruction.  So, Saturday night, we had pizza and a "Stitch and uh,...CHAT" (it was a child-friendly event).  My friend and my daughter practiced crochet basics, and I began knitting the annual sweater.

   It almost always happens that when I dabble in other art and craft media, the inspiration comes back around to polymer clay ideas as well.  I began thinking about making sheets of polymer that had a readable knit pattern.  So I pressed a fine-gauge knit into sheets of Bake Shop Bendy clay to make sheet molds.  On the left is the knit side texture, on the right is the pearl side texture mold.

The fabric I took molds from was actually a tie that my daughter spotted at the thrift store.  We laughed about how out-of-fashion it was, but then it occurred to me that I could use it for the texture.  Gotta always be thinking outside the box!

After I made the molds, I was anxious to try them out.  On the left is a caned pattern pressed into the knit texture mold.  The navy sample used the pearl side mold.  Both were highlighted with a little acrylic paint.

If you are figurine maker, I see lots of application for this technique in adding textural detail to the clothing of characters.  I've an idea for a mitten or glove Christmas ornament, or stockings... stay tuned!!