20161022_095534-1I've heard it said that having "kids in the kitchen", is an important tool in teaching children the art of cooking and how to nourish their bodies. Well, in my humble opinion, it's just as valuable and important to teach them to feed their souls in the art room, studio, craft room, etc. Having an outlet to let their creative wings spread is priceless. It really doesn't matter if you have a designated space for art or materials spread out on the kitchen table. What's important is giving the opportunity to see what these mini-me's can come up with. I caught my little mini-me (my youngest daughter, not counting the family dog), concentrating very hard on making this little gem inspired by my own candy corns. She wanted me to sell it for her but I bargained hard and traded one of my corn critters for hers. As you can tell from the sleep-tousled hair and Pjs, that there is never a bad time to make art! Perhaps, though there is a bad time for mom to be snapping photos, from looking at the glare on her little face. Have fun with your little ones before they grow up to fit the mold of normalcy. 20161022_100246