“Sweet Caroline’s Clay” here! For this project we are going to make a miniature lemonade charm! All you will need is a small amount of Premo Sunshine, Translucent and Black clay, eye pins, some pink chalk for the cheeks and Sculpey Bake and Bond. 

Start with a ball of yellow clay- you can ultimately decide the size of your cup. Roll it out with your finger into the shape of a cylinder.

Now take a small amount of translucent clay, start with a ball and flatten to the size of your cup. Once you have reached your desired size, gently make a ring around it using a dotting tool.

Secure the lid to the cup and flip it over to easily insert your eye pin. Flip it back over and clean any dust off using a cotton swab and alcohol.

Create two dots for the eyes with your small ball stylus and add blush to the cheeks. Roll out two small pieces of black clay for the eyes and place them in the holes. Now you are going to make the eyebrows and mouth. Roll out a small log and cut the sizes accordingly, curve them to your liking and add to the face.

To make the straw I bent an eye pin and trimmed it down to size. Simply stick the straw into the top and bake according to the instructions. Add your jump ring and chain and rock out your new necklace!