I was thinking what I would like to write about next and I got this idea to make a gnome.  I guess I am kind of sticking with a garden theme this month.   My inspiration came from that funny travelocity gnome that you see on TV.   I really love gnomes and have made them before but I wanted to make a different one this time.   I thought it might be fun to take pictures as I make him.   I did not know how he would turn out in the end.   If you are interested, follow my journey to making this gnome and let me know what you think.  Ok so I got started by picking my colors.  I love Premo so I decided to use Denim Blue for his clothes, Black for his belt and boots, White of course for his beard and hair, Pomegranite for his hat and then I decided to use Flesh color in Sculpey III (kind of liked the lighter tone).

I made a body, legs and head.  Next I made black boots and a black belt and some arms.  I attached these all together.


I decided to change the shape of his head a bit to accommodate his hat better.   Started to make the beard and hair by just kind of making little snakes and rolling one end to a point and then attaching them on.  Also added a nose and hands.   (Not sure if I like these)

Ok I'll be honest at this point I am thinking of giving this idea up but I persevere.   I start attaching beard and hair.


Well let's just say this is going very so so.  He is lopsided and just kind of weird.   Persevere!!!  Ok so I felt his hair  and beard needed texture so I used my craft knife and did that.  I was ready to add the hat and realized that it might be easiest to just chop off the top of his head rather than try to get the hat to fit on like a real hat.   That wasn't working too good.

Well here he is with his new hat.   I decided to pinch his cloak and give it some flare at the bottom and I also added some more hair and gave it a little more texture.   Hmmmm I think he is ready to bake.


Here he is in the oven.   Let's hope he doesn't tip over!!!                    

Well he did tip over but I managed to rescue him and get him to stand properly once again.   After he cooled I started to paint his details.   I love combining painting with polymer clay.   It allows me to give my pieces detail that I would otherwise find extremely challenging if I were to just use clay.  It allows me to do two things that I love and combine them together.   The painting part usually brings my pieces to life.   I love getting the faces on.  If I am happy with the face the rest goes smoothly.   Let's hope I can bring some life to this guy.

Here he is painting complete.   I plan to finish him by adding some Sculpey gloss glaze.


All finished!!   He is enjoying some time outdoors although this little gnome would be better displayed inside due to the paint and gloss.

Thanks for joining me on my journey in making this gnome.   All in all I am pretty pleased.  I kind of think he is still a little lopsided.  I also think his nose is a bit too big.   Not sure about the hands either.  Might have been better tucked in pockets.   Well we learn as we create don't we.   Next time I might do some things differently but as always I had fun creating something new!!