by Teresa Pandora Salgado

We’ve established the fact that bull’s eyes, stripes and spirals are the basis for complex caning; but being “creative types”, we’re not quite satisfied, are we? Individuality comes from shaping the components and even the finished canes into new configurations.

For this cane, I made the typical components: a log and some sheets. For a fun twist, I cut the logs into short pieces and used the 1” cutter from the Sculpey graduated round set to reshape the circles.

Once they were cut, I put them back together and smoothed them into an altered log. Then I wrapped them in a thin sheet of black (which is really just a fancy bull’s eye) and replaced the cut-out sections with a complimentary color.

I used the sheets to make stripes and spirals. I put the pieces together to form a triangle. Six slices make a hexagon, which I smoothed into a circle. I kept a few slices of the circle, then reformed it into a square.

Then, you guessed it, I used a few slices from the square, then formed the square onto a new triangle, which allowed me to cut it into six pieces for a more complex hexagon.

Three simple shapes become one complex shape, which you can the reform as many times as your sweet little heart desires. That’s caning in a nutshell.