My excitement to attend EuroSynergy in Malta was considerably dampened when I found out that my dear friend in Ireland, Angela Kent, would not be able to attend after all, due to her husband's illness.  As soon as I returned home, I sent her the new tools and Sculpey Soufflé clay.  I was so surprised and pleased to receive an email this week with these FANTASTIC images of what she did with the clay!  In her usual fashion, she totally downplays her skills in her descriptions (which I have left as she wrote them so you could whack your head as I did and shout at your monitor, "old boards? junk? are you KIDDING!?")

angela1First up, this beautiful mosaic mirror featuring the lovely Sculpey Soufflé colors and the intricate detail of the Sculpey silkscreens.

So I asked Angela if she used anything in between the squares, like a grout.  She replied, "Nothing between squares. After cutting out and baking the tiles I rubbed the edges with gilders paste and glued them onto cheap mirror from charity shop."  I love the patchwork effect of the colors and patterns - it's almost quilt like!

angela2Then she sends me another email with the subject line " black and white" and the only text was, "15cm x 35cm (roughly 6x14 inches). Piece of wood from my shed."

Of course I emailed back squealing "WHAAAAAT?"  and she replies in pure Irish nonchalance, "I decided to do this board incorporating a few techniques like moulds, canes, beads, image transfers, stamping, sutton slices...And any bits of junk I had in my craft room all glued down and thrown together".

angela 1b


Angela really put the Sculpey Soufflé to the test with every technique she could think of and I think that the results are just fantastic! Now THIS is multimedia collage at it's finest.

I'm off to search for an old board in MY shed!


And thanks for sharing Angela! I WILL make it to Ireland some day to see you!

xoxo, syndee