Paint That ClayI'm demoing at the International Retreat next month and I've agonized all week on how to get all of what I want to demo into one photo.  Trying to pick just ONE photo of what I'm going to demo is tough! The new Souffle clay has proved to be an excellent surface for paints, inks and stains. I'm going to demo three different surface treatment techniques: adding patinas, dirt and aging your clay, adding color to silkscreen or transfer, and monoprinting on clay. The paints I use are unique paints from England that come in three types (yes, that verdigris is paint!). If you are coming to the retreat, bring a small paint brush with you because you are going to want to try at least one of these! (PS I promise I won't make you paint those little tiny silkscreen patterns, I have a much easier (and fun) way!)