I would like to declare this week "Inspiration week"!


Because i always say that inspiration is everywhere, at least it is for me and i´m sure you find it in places where nobody else does.

Sculpey Clay Molds in Nature

I have an example, not so much inspiring me to create anything specific and not really clay related but there is one thing of pure beauty that i see everywhere during the winter, it makes me smile and feel warm inside, it makes me wanting to create.
I have yet to meet another person that has noticed theese stunning marks in the snow and it is a mystery to me how that is becuase this is all around. If birds are close by in the winter times you will for sure see it if you only open your eyes!

What is it???

I will tell you! It is beauty! It makes me feel good to the bone, as any good art should!

It is wingmarks! As birds take off from the deep snow they will leave wingmarks, sometimes only just visable but sometimes you can follow there path for quite a while. They all do it,big and small birds.

I can´t stop taking photos of theese wingmarks.
In one of the photos you can see how a bird has flown between the young trees, it looks very special.

So during winter whenever you see a place that gather birds, like a bird feeder, turn your eyes down to the ground and maybe you will feel the way i do. You can show others and open their eyes too.
Off course there are many many other things that make me feel this way but this is a good example of what you can see if you take a really good look around you.

Inspiration is not always about patterns and textures, it is sometimes just about the feeling, it is about art!

This week is all about inspiration so keep your polymer clay eyes open!