P1090208v1Let's make these beautiful mini Iced Sugar Cookies using mini metal cutters and TLS icing!


P1100393They come in different themes to suit your project. I think I already own most of the sets since it is one of my favorite tools! 

P1100390Mix some Sculpey Ultralight with translucent polymer clay and a bit of ochre polymer clay. Roll out your clay using the Clay Conditioning machine (setting no. 5) and cut the shapes out using the cutters. Texture the surface with a toothbrush and paint the edges with ochre pastel to give it a 'baked' look.

P1100391Mix some Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) with some clay until you get a smooth but thick paste. Use a toothpick and carefully glaze your cookie shapes. I'm using Premo's 'Rose Gold Glitter' which packs in a lot of glitter - perfect for making miniatures! Bake as usual.

P1070274v2You can also decorate your icing with microbeads, more glitter, clay shapes and more!