sponge holder step 2No thanks major department stores!  As a matter-of-fact I DON'T want a boring sponge holder with suctions cups (seriously, it's the 21st century - we all know they don't work!).

I'm trying to do the right thing and get a sponge holder to help cut down on bacteria left in an always-wet sponge. First of all, it took FOREVER to even find them in the store (if you play "treasure hunt" with your kids in stores, send them to look for sponge holders - it will buy you an extra 20 minutes in the shoes!) Then when I finally found them - they were boring chrome or clear plastic and ALL of them had suction cups.  NO, just NO.

So I made my own, thank you, because I can do that because I'm a Sculpey artist and nothing is beyond my grasp with this miracle material!  Two #1 sheets of clay - Premo Sculpey Burnt Umber and Sculpey III Leaf Green - YES, I mix product lines. YES, I use Sculpey III and it doesn't turn into a pile of dust!  A quick texture (not too deep to attract bacteria) and some cutouts for drainage and all-important air,  and I'm ready to go.  Now, my house is a little funky and there are not a lot of straight lines, so you can see that this follows suit.

Hey, I repurposed the holes I cut out to make the legs for the holder.

And speaking of repurposing, check out what I used as the "mold" when I baked it - a leftover Sculpey cardboard packaging bent in a nice curve for the bottom and lined with the super cool non-stick aluminum foil. (You do save your cardboards for your clay table right?)

sponge holder w spongeOnce I got done with done with the project, I left it on the counter and my (chef) son comes in and says, "Oh good!  We needed an awesome napkin holder for the deck table!"   As usual, he is right, it's a perfect napkin holder too..  Sponge Holder, Round Two begins now, no suction cups, pure funk, color change-up?  I'm gonna see what's on the clay table and go from there...