I've heard that fashion trends or styles always come back! I remember making clear hair bows filled with small candies in the late 70's and early 80's. Recently I noticed a resurgence of these bows created for summertime fun in the sun, and in the pool!

There are "water bows" which actually have some type of "water-gel" inside of them with trinkets floating around. I have also seen dry inclusions in clear bows such as tulle, beads, buttons and just about anything tiny that will fit inside and hold up over time. What a great opportunity I thought, to showcase some great polymer claywork! And so began my first experiment making clear "Bow Pockets". Little did I know that this idea would take off so fast and furious!


After posting my "Bow Pockets" on my Spumoni Facebook group and one other Facebook crafting group, in just three days I had over 40 orders, each wanting 6-36 pockets! I admit I was a little overwhelmed but thrilled at the response. Here is one of my bow pocket hair bows to get your creativity flowing. I used a silicone push mold to create my faux sand dollar, starfish and nautilus shell. Once I remove the clay, I textured it for a natural organic look with a stiff stencil brush.


To give depth to the pieces, I brush on soft pastel chalks and wiped the excess off of the surface with my finger. I wanted to add a touch of sparkle to the clay so I sprinkled some clear/white glitter over the center shell and pressed it gently onto the surface. To create the bow, first I filled the pockets with 1" sections of turquoise boa feathers, to mimic water. I then slid the baked pieces into the pockets. To seal the top of the pocket, just the edge of a home iron is used with a piece of cooking parchment paper between the bow and the iron. After adding long stitches and gathering the center with strong thread, I wrapped the thread around the center 3 times and tied it off securely. I wanted to keep the bows water-resistant, so I used E-6000 adhesive to attach the a small piece of ribbon, the center shell and the metal barrette. I have decided to extend my selling venue to my newly remodeled website at www.SpumoniDesigns.com to make them available to anyone online!

Happy Claying,