“My name is Caroline, creator of Sweet Caroline’s Clay - Miniatures are my absolute favorite thing to make. I personally feel like the smaller the better! I find that Sculpey Premo™ is the best clay to work with for me. It’s not too hard and not too soft, making it the perfect combo for sculpting minis!   Today I’m going to show you how to make these miniature watermelon earrings from polymer clay!”  

“You will need Premo Cadmium Red, Fuchsia, White, Spanish Olive and Black clay for this project.  Mix a little of the Spanish Olive with White to create a slightly lighter green color as shown.

Roll out a small ball of the Red clay into a cylinder shape and wrap about 3 times with a thin layer of the Fuchsia. Follow this with a couple wraps of White and then the light green mix and finally, the Spanish Olive wrap for the outside.

NOTE: You can also add small, thin stripes to the outside wrap of the watermelon before you add it to the watermelon cane as shown.

Once you are done, roll into a log, pulling and gently stretching the cane until you are satisfied with the size. Slice the cane and cut into triangles.

 At this point you can texturize and add the black clay for seeds. Create a small hole at the top for the jump ring.

 After baking you may add your jump rings and earrings or simply add it to a necklace or keychain! I hope you like this tutorial!